Often touted as the ‘relationship killer’, we hope that bringing to light what PMDD really is, will help listeners in their understanding and maybe save a relationship or two in the process.

Each week our episodes will cover subjects such as:

- What is PMDD? How is it different than “really bad PMS”?

- Common symptoms of PMDD including extreme depression/anxiety, dissociation, unbearable mood swings, rage episodes, suicidal ideation/self harm, ruminating thoughts and paranoia, inability to organize thoughts (feeling crazy), hypersomnia, nausea, misophonia, lethargy, and on and on we go…

- Why women are being misdiagnosed with “bad pms”, Bipolar Disorder, Dissociative identity disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Hormone imbalance, and other mood and mental disorders.

- How to advocate for your mental health and get the right diagnosis.

- Possible treatments for relieving some of the symptoms of PMDD

- Is there a cure for PMDD? What’s being done for this?

Plus we will hear the raw and personal stories of individuals with PMDD, couples dealing with PMDD, PMDD advocates and how we can help spread awareness as well as interviews within the medical field about what’s currently being done to help.

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