To The Woman

who will settle for nothing less than the life she dreams of…

it's not just a dream...

What if...

you had a solid plan for knowing how to prepare and protect important aspects of your life from your PMDD symptoms?

Did you just raise your eyebrows?

What if...

you could strengthen your relationships, even the ones that feel damaged by PMDD?

Don’t furrow your brow!

Thriving With PMDD - Coaching

How would you...

celebrate when you become empowered in each area of your life, even while dealing with the hardships of PMDD?

Sound impossible?!

What if...

you found the right network of people that helped you find personal relief from your harshest PMDD symptoms?

I must be dreaming…

You’ve found what you’ve been looking for!

Get ready to pinch yourself because this is for real and you may qualify to take part in our first ever beta program designed specifically for those battling PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder!

Thriving with PMDD Fundamentals Beta Program!

Wait. What's a beta program?

A beta is a program that is offered to select clients who are willing to give feedback during the process to help further refine the course for final release.

There are a couple of major advantages to joining the beta. First you are offered the course at more than half off the final release price! Secondly, after the beta is over, if you would like to continue with coaching sessions, you can book future sessions with us at our beta member pricing for as long as you are with us!

We want to start helping people take back their lives from PMDD as soon as possible! Our beta program is a way to offer our new coaching program to select individuals (and couples!) that not only want to help themselves, but are willing to give feedback as we go which will provide improvements for other people suffering from PMDD.

If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be pioneering a way to significantly better the lives of those who’ve lost hope due to the symptoms of PMDD, as well as yourself!

Take a look at the 4 cornerstones to The Thriving with PMDD Fundamentals program and where we’ll start on our journey together:

First Things First

Before a person can make long-lasting positive change they must first be willing to adopt new mindsets. We’ll identify where you’re currently at and where you desire to be. What’s working and what isn’t. What can be better and what has to go.

Knowledge and Awareness is Power

As we learn new concepts and find truth in other perspectives, we gain better awareness of ourselves, leading to healthier coping mechanisms which alters our state of being, which in turn gives us back our control. And this, my friends, feels powerful!

Planning, Practicing and Polishing for Fulfillment

Do you know the difference between happiness and fulfillment? Obviously we all want to feel both all the time. Creating the right action plan that works for your needs will get you where you want to be. Without it, we find ourselves floundering and grasping for short term solutions that could keep us from reaching the fulfillment we desire.

Path to Awe-inspiring Awesomeness

Does being consistent feel like a pipe dream? It is possible to feel more consistent and reliable… yes, even with PMDD. The path to staying awesome comes with creating healthy habits, learning resiliency and knowing how to adjust in positive ways.

Take a minute and imagine a world where you…

...don’t quit your job, break up with your significant other, or act on those impulsive compulsions! Hey, no one is perfect but we sure have some ideas that can help keep your life from unraveling.

...get to use the week after hell week(s) to feel uplifted and positive. You mean instead of feeling embarrassed and guilty for the horrible destruction you caused during PMDD? Yeah…. That. yourself so much that you feel unshakeable moving forward chasing your dreams. Your friends and family will have to do a double-take at the new you!

...aren’t dreading the weeks ahead, worrying about the destruction the “other you” will cause. Wouldn’t that time be better spent feeling confident that you’ve got a plan that can work for you? Would that take some stress off your shoulders that you could then spend that quality time with loved ones, pampering yourself, achieving your goals and so on?

...feel total fulfillment in your relationships! This is still the number one discouragement from people fighting PMDD. Now more than ever is the time to challenge your communication patterns for each phase of the PMDD cycle. There are ways to make it work and you’ll end up with an individualized plan of action to make sure you and your support partner grow stronger than ever!

Can you really do all this?

We’re sure as hell gonna try!!
Because life is too short and precious to allow the symptoms of PMDD to take over all you’ve worked so hard for.

Believe in yourself and apply now!


But I have more questions...

Why do we have to apply to be in the beta program?

We truly believe what we’re creating will help so many people and the more feedback we have, the better the improvements we can make, which will help possibly save relationships and maybe even lives. In order to do the best we can, our beta testers need to be ready to make some real changes, be willing to learn and implement new ideas, and work alongside us to build a positive final program.

The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes! We’re hoping to change the direction most people’s lives take as they struggle with PMDD. To do this you must be willing to try something different, even if it means changing a negative belief you hold, which requires a lot of humility. Are you ready for real, healthy and lasting change? If you think you’d be a good fit for this, click below and get started!

How much time will I need to invest?

Each group will meet online once a week for about an hour. You will be given some action goals to be completed before the next session which will require you to put in the necessary time needed to begin making the positive new changes. However, we try to always be respectful of busy schedules and time management as this isn’t meant to be overwhelming or stressful. On the contrary, we hope you enjoy the many Ah-Ha moments and are eager to get your thoughts on paper!

How soon can we start?!

If we could, we’d start tomorrow because we know how desperate you can feel to get some freakin help! But organizing groups of people from around the globe, giving them time to submit their information, and getting things ready for day one, may take some planning. Since we’re eager to start we will set a start date asap!

I know it’s impossible to put a price on my sanity and giving hope to myself and my support partner, but how much we talkin’ here?

Great question! When the final program goes live this summer, participants will be paying more than double the cost you’ll have access to as a beta tester. So believe me when I say this is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Plus you’ll have lifetime access to all future program materials for no extra cost and continued coaching at our beta member pricing, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Check pricing specifics below.

Thriving with PMDD Fundamentals

for Individuals (5 seats available)


per month x 4 (normally $900/mo)


Easy to download assessments and materials

Weekly online group coaching sessions

One private coaching session each month

Access to private FB group for support and feedback

Lifetime access to all future program materials!

Beta member pricing for all future coaching sessions!

Thriving with PMDD Fundamentals

for Couples 10 seats available (5 couples)


per month x 4 (normally $1400/mo)


Easy to download assessments and materials

Weekly online couples group coaching sessions

One private couples coaching session each month

Access to private FB group for support and feedback

Lifetime access to all future program materials!

Beta member pricing for all future coaching sessions!

Want to save even more? Make sure to choose the one time payment option on your application!

You’ve got two choices here…

You could keep trying to wing it, crossing your fingers that this month won’t be as bad. Maybe try another suggestion from Facebook and wonder why it worked for them but hasn’t worked for you.


You can decide that you are indeed worth every second, every penny and every bit of effort to look forward to waking up each morning.


Where do you want to be 6 months from now...or even 1 month from now?

I imagine you want to be happy and feel positive about the life you’re living.
It’s time to take back your life from PMDD!
Let’s do this!