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Jamie Perkins Clark

Jamie is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach whose passion is helping both men and women live their lives fully with intent and aligned with their true purpose. Although Jamie didn’t receive the PMDD diagnosis till last year, she has struggled and searched to understand what she was dealing with for several years. Receiving the diagnosis lead her to online support groups where she found how ‘common’ her experience actually was with other women. Her heart ached seeing other women’s lives being completely unravelled and damaged by this illness while simultaneously watching her own life on a pattern of barely surviving each month. Digging deep, Jamie is finding the determination to not just merely survive life, but to thrive and love life again. Not only is she fighting, advocating and on a journey to spread awareness, but she’s taking you with her. Because you deserve more than a PMDD life.

Thriving With PMDD - Jamie Perkins Clark
Thriving With PMDD - Ethan Gostin

Ethan Gostin

Ethan is a Certified Life and Trauma Recovery Coach. He was born with a calling to help women see their own self-worth, protect their boundaries and build powerful and fulfilling lives. As his own partner’s struggles became more and more severe, Ethan set out to find the reason. His love, hard work and persistence lead them to finding the PMDD diagnosis and proper care. Seeing how destructive PMDD can be to relationships, Ethan began his own online support group specifically to help the partners of women dealing with PMDD. His background in trauma recovery and communication has made Ethan a highly sought after coach for couples and individuals trying to navigate life with PMDD.

Thriving With PMDD - About Us Life

I’ll never know what I did to deserve such a supportive and caring support partner but without him and his patience and understanding, I wouldn’t be here today. And yet…

I’ll still break up with him each and every month. LIKE CLOCKWORK.

So with a laaaa-hot of patience and trial and error, we’ve put healthy systems into place that have helped us navigate hell weeks and THRIVE during our good weeks! For real… this can happen for you too!

And while we know there’s never a one size fits all fix for everyone, we’re convinced that our experience with PMDD and our backgrounds as rockstar coaches will enable you to get rid of those feelings of hopelessness and frustration and instead empower you in each area of your life.

Everything we do is for the sole purpose of lifting you up so that you experience a greater love for your life, relationships and your purpose in all of it. This of course is determined on your willingness to change, dig deep and learn.

If you’re ready to take your life back from PMDD and watch your relationships thrive, then let’s get this party started today…

Helping you thrive is what defines us.

Thriving With PMDD - About Us Thriving