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Are you feeling frustrated and don’t know what to do or where to go for answers?

Whether you already have a PMDD diagnosis or have self-diagnosed and are struggling to find the right doctor to help you, you’re in the right place.

We get how frustrating it is! Dreading each month, not knowing what may happen or how bad symptoms may be “this time.” It can be scary, threatening and leave you feeling hopeless for anything better.

You may be desperate for answers on how to get through this next month without permanent damage to your relationship, career, children, friends, family, your goals and mental sanity.

We get it! And we want to help you with much more than just getting through this next month… because you deserve so much better.

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Thriving With PMDD - Build Your Life
Thriving With PMDD - Who We Help

Who We Help


Have you been diagnosed with PMDD or believe you have PMDD and are needing answers?

Are you ready to stop allowing PMDD to control your life?

Are you committed 100% to do what it takes to make your career, relationships, families and self thrive?!

Through our individual group programs and empowerment coaching sessions we look forward to giving you back control, feeling joy and fulfillment, and helping you find the life you really want.


Are you and your significant other dreading every month?

Do you both feel that “hell weeks” are wreaking havoc on your relationship and your communication is struggling like crazy?

Are you both out of ideas on how to cope with the symptoms of PMDD?

Are you tired of all the trauma recovery or damage control that has to follow each cycle?

You’re tired, confused, upset, unsure, and possibly hopeless. Our couples group sessions are designed to give you back control so that you can keep your relationship alive and healthy. Yes, even with PMDD…

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Thriving With PMDD - Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

How We Can Help

We’re already caught up!

Other therapists or coaches will take several sessions to gather your background and attempt to understand PMDD, costing you hundreds of dollars, AND they may never quite understand the complexities of PMDD!!!

With us, you bypass all of that, saving you tons of time and money. You’ll get usable content and help immediately!

And while we recognize there is no one-fit all solution for everyone, we’re determined to help you find a way that works for YOU.

We believe that to thrive with PMDD, you need the right support, ideas, education, community, direction and accountability.

In short, you want to work with us because you deserve better. Even with PMDD, you deserve to THRIVE!

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Who you were, who you are and who you will be are three different people.

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Your Coaches

Ethan & Jamie

We are a real life couple who have dealt with the hardships of PMDD for several years. We’ve experienced just about every horror of “hell weeks” possible BUT we’re determined not to let it take us down. Not only that… but we’ve resolved to THRIVE past it and help you thrive too!

Our mission: While we work hard to spread awareness through education, advocate for better mental health and publish an informative and entertaining podcast, our main calling is to help women and their support partners live their dream lives despite the hardships of PMDD.

We believe it can be done.

We believe it must be done.

We believe you can do it!

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